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Malabar Mushroom Strain


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Malabar Mushroom Strain don’t have a particularly striking appearances relative to other cubes. Basically, while there are cube strains have a unique look (notably, Penis Envy and its variants), this isn’t one of them. It looks like a Psilocybe cubensis mushroom: small to medium in size with a brownish cap and dark spores.

Trip Effects

The trip effects of the Malabar Mushroom are again those of Psilocybe cubensis in general: altered mood and thought processes and altered perceptions (especially at higher doses), plus, usually, some nausea. Other common side effects include vomiting, problems with balance and coordination, and anxiety, but all these can be managed and minimized. Severe side effects, such as seizures, are rare but possible, especially at higher doses.

For most users most of the time, “altered mood” means euphoria and feelings of connection. Some people use psilocybin to treat themselves for anxiety, and they report good results. The paradox that mushrooms can both reduce and cause anxiety is one of the things that suggests psilocybin does not so much alter the user’s mood as enhance it. Go in relaxed and feeling good, and you’ll have a good time. Go in worried, and you could have a nightmare. This is why mindset and physical setting are so important when preparing for a trip.  Malabar Mushroom Strain

Potency and Dosage

Potency for this strain is highly variable; a clone taken from a weak batch can produce very strong fruits. The best bet may be to dry and pulverize a large number of mushrooms and then thoroughly mix the powder to achieve consistency. Then you can take a small dose or a microdose to see what happens and calibrate dose sizes from there.

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