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Agent Orange

Named after the infamous chemical, the agent orange strain of weed luckily is not toxic. In fact, it has been used for its happy and euphoria-inducing high that can bring about a case of the giggles. It tastes very citrusy, like lemons and oranges, which also is known for happy and feel-good sensations.

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Agent Orange will grow well indoors and outdoors, and will reach up to 3m in height. Indoor cultivation will get the best results by topping the strain during the vegetative period. Flowering time indoors is around 60 days; expect an outdoor harvest in October. The plant will produce excellent yields between 600–800g/m², with THC potency ranging between 15–20%.

This sativa dominant hybrid flower is parented and powered by popular strains, Jack’s Cleaner, Space Queen, and Orange Skunk. Agent Orange, sometimes known as Agent O, has energy that doesn’t last long, but long enough to go to work. Be prepared for a relaxed fall from the sativa high. Agent Orange has a sweet and citrus smell with a hint of spice and dark liquor. When exhaled, the room fills with pine and earthy scents combined with a chemical undertone. This strain gives both cerebral and a body high. Using Agent Orange isn’t the best strain for beginners.

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