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This presumably sarcastic homage to the Bush-era security firm is actually highly useful as medicine, with applications in treating anxiety, low mood, migraines and other headaches, muscle spasms, nerve pain, and chronic bodily pain. Blackwater isn’t especially popular among those who have tried it, but tests suggest a relatively high concentration of THC, topping at least 20%. Consistent CBD numbers are harder to come by, but that medical cannabinoid apparently makes up much less than 1% of this strain, which means Blackwater isn’t recommended for seizures. This strain is overwhelmingly indica, with a sativa/indica ratio of about 10:90, which explains the intensely physical effects. It’s the offspring of the legendary Mendocino Purps and San Fernando Valley OG, a sativa-dominant hybrid.

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Blackwater has a smell of sweet berries and an earthy flavor. The body high is deeply relaxing, with intense euphoria, psychoactive effects, couch-lock, sleepiness, and strong hunger. Negative effects aren’t widely reported with this strain but probably include dry eyes and cottonmouth. Blackwater sells best in Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, and Arizona, though it may also come around on other legal markets as well as the black market.

The indica cannabis strain Blackwater OG derives its name from a sarcastic tribute to the Bush-era security firm. Its scent and taste are pungent, earthy, and sweet with berry undertones that are mainly grape-like. The dense, round buds are often deep purple in color.

Blackwater OG was first cultivated after crossing the hybrid Mendocino Purps and the indica SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG Kush.

The THC content of Blackwater can reach up to 20%, though its average is just below this. Physical effects are most notable with this strain’s high, placing the consumer into a deep relaxation with slight psychoactive commotion. This strain is known to create a couch-lock, sleepiness, and hunger, making it the perfect strain for those of us that want to consume cannabis, followed by a big dinner, then finally sliding into bed for the night for a lovely night’s rest.

Blackwater OG is a most commonly sold in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.

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